Thursday, June 28, 2012

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I swear, if there was a prize for being the worst blogger ever, the Cricket would win it, hands down!!!  Look at that!  The last time I blogged was in November of 2011.  NOVEMBER OF 2011!!  That's so pitiful.  The Cricket's got to get it together.  

I'll periodically think about blogging, but then figure "who'd be interested in that?" (or somebody in my household wants to be fed, and while making a meal the idea vanishes) so I don't follow through.  But today a light bulb went off.  My customers love seeing pictures of their finished quilts.  I email them pictures with their invoices and I try to post them on my website, so I figured "Hey, how about posting pictures of their quilts in progress, on the machine, being quilted?"  So, I'm going to give it a go (as my British SIL would say).  

 Today I'm working on Chris M.'s ZigZag quilt.  It's got this terrific lemongrass colored background fabric.  And, sometimes I just love it when a customer says, "Do whatever you want."  My initial response is typically, "Really?  Whatever I want?  SWEET!"  So, I'm doing whatever I want on Chris M.'s quilt: I'm using King Tut's Lemongrass thread and Quilty Pleasure's Cascade Swirl Design.  (Check out the sleek graphics I imported depicting the thread and the design.) 

The cascade swirls are just terrific, you can twist and turn them any which direction you want.  I am turning them so that the swirls show up in the lemongrass background.  Michele from Fellow Longarm Quilter's Yahoo Group turned me on to these little gems.  (Thanks Michele!)  There are eight different cascade sets, and they sew out beautifully!  They have wonderful rhythm to them and I thought they'd be just perfect for this project (not to mention I've been jones'n for a project to use them on). 

So, that's what's happening at The Quilted Cricket today.  I'm not going to let another seven months go by before I blog again.  I'm gonna get off the "Worst Blogger Ever" list.  (I've also gotta figure out the lighting in my studio, so the pictures turn out better -- in my spare time.)

'Til next time.

Any day spent quilting is a good day!   

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